Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms and Its Treatment without Medicine

Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms and Its Treatment without Medicine



What is Type 1 Diabetes?

 symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children


Diabetes type 1 is the most severe form of diabetes depending upon insulin. The other name of diabetes type 1 is “Juvenile” diabetes because it mostly develops in teenagers and children. Juvenile diabetes association is very famous for it. Type 1 diabetes can develop at any age. It mostly happens when our immune system destroys cells in the pancreas. These cells are called Beta cells because they produce insulin.

Sometimes, it happens secondary diabetes it is also similar to diabetes type 1 because our beta cells are destroyed due to injury or disease. So it is also called diabetes type 1.

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Why is insulin more important in diabetes type 1?

 type 1 diabetes insulin

Insulin is the hormone that is the cause to move sugar and glucose in our body tissues. Cells use glucose as fuel.

When beta cells are destroyed, and no insulin is present, the movement of glucose in our cells is not possible that cause diabetes type 1 disease.

As a result, you have high blood sugar and here are some effects of it.

  • Weight loss

We pee more that takes more calories with it. Due to dehydration, it causes weight loss in high blood sugar. It can also be the symptom of diabetes type 1.


  • Dehydration

A large amount of water goes out when we pee more. This amount of water can cause dehydration. It also plays a real role in weight loss.


  • Very harmful for our body

More amount of glucose can cause heart attacks and strokes also. High level of blood glucose can harm our small blood vessels in our eyes, kidneys and heart.



Patients with diabetes type 1

It is very rare, and mostly it happens in people under 20 equally in women and men. Only about there are 5 % of affected people of diabetes type 1.


How do you get type 1 diabetes?

Our genes play the significant role in diabetes. This disease inherits from parents to children. Type 1 diabetes in children is also threatening. It is also called childhood diabetes.Childhood diabetes foundations are also working on it.Signs of childhood diabetes are very common.


There are not individual cases that are discovered by doctors for diabetes type1. When your blood sugar is high, then insulin making process stops the movement of glucose. It is the result of environment like a virus can do that.


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Symptoms of Juvenile Diabetes

Childhood type 1 diabetes symptoms are very common.Early signs of childhood diabetes can help to stop this. Here are some warning signs of childhood diabetes.

  • Feeling heavy thrust
  • Feeling more hungry even after eating
  • Feelings of vomiting or nausea
  • Belly pain
  • Blurred vision of everything
  • More pee rather than routine

type 1 diabetes symptoms and sings

Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse type 1 diabetes completely.



Treatment of type 1 Diabetes


  • Without treatment, it can cause kidney damage and poor blood circulation also.

There are many types of insulin available in the market. Doctor check the patient level and start injecting insulin in your body as there are long-acting and short-acting insulin is available also.

Health is Wealth

Treatment is very necessary for Diabetes type 1 otherwise it may cause many problems that are very complicated also.

  • Concern your doctor and complete check up
  • Do exercise regularly
  • Take medicines in time
  • Change your lifestyle also


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