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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Qjoomal.comcollects, maintains, and uses some of your information to provide you with the better experience. Our site takes all the responsibility of all of your information and your critical data. You are agreed to our privacy policy if you are using this website or any part of it.

At the time of form filling, we collect your personal and non-personal information only for keeping you updated with our latest services.Your personal data can be your name, email and phone number to operate and run our site for better user experience. Non-personal information isyour browser’s name, cookies, and your operating system. We guarantee you not to sale your data.

We make sure that your information are safe and hundred percent secure. You can ask our admins to provide you extra support like; you can ask them to delete your data from the database.

Some links, Ads, and other services from the third party are not in our control. You can report us if the Ads are annoying or offensive. We assure you to try our level best to remove that type of Ads.

At the time, whenwe update our privacy policy, you are informed by email.